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Pole Machine
United Wood Treating Company's foresters hand select poles in the woods and buy wood by the ton for raw material. Poles are selected for straightness and quality and marked with stripes of paint to indicate the length they are to be cut for delivery. This is the first quality inspection of a wood pole. Upon delivery, the loader operator may accept the wood or place poles back on the truck for return to the supplier if it is of inferior quality.
The pole machine operation is designed to provide poles and piling for treatment and outside sales. It operates 4 days per week on a 10 hour per day basis with 4 employees. Capacity of the machine is in the 1,200,000 cubic feet per year range with shavings being sold for boiler fuel. When a pole is machined, it moves to the checker station where it is inspected for quality and size. If it meets specifications for a pole or piling it is coded as to the length and class, otherwise it is separated for shipment to the sawmill.