About - United Wood Treating Co.


United Wood Treating Companywas formed in October of 1988 in response to the growing demand for quality CCA treated poles, piles and timbers. We are fortunate to have a staff of veterans from the wood treatment industry with many years of combined experience with each having a stake in the company’s future success.


Our Company is founded on a commitment to quality, service, and reliability for our customers. Our plant was built to the highest environmental standards for safety and regulatory compliance.


United Wood’s location in the center of the Sumter National Forest, ensures a plentiful wood supply while giving fast access to interstate roads for emergency response. Our extensive supplier base provides us with a steady flow of raw material, and provides the flexibility to respond to special orders. Small cities within 20 miles provide a solid work force, while the rural setting allows for United Wood's future expansion.


All of these aspects combine to yield service to you, our customer, as well as reliability on which you can count. We plan to serve your needs for many years to come and we invite your suggestions.


Please make plans to visit our facility in the near future and personally see our commitment to our customer’s needs.

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